Magic at SXSW in Austin Texas

Recently I flew out to Austin Texas for the weekend to perform at a very exclusive event as part of the South by Southwest Festival. This is a massive music, film and technology festival which attracts over 150,000 guests from around the world. This was my first-time visiting Texas and I have to say it was impressive. I have never been to such a lively place. There was event entertainment everywhere! There were musicians at every corner with bars and lounges filled with bands and artists. Over the years, I’ve noticed that music acts will always a big part of entertainment at any type of event. Whether it be at a Wedding, Corporate Event or Festival, music is always a must. However, people are always looking for something different and that’s where I come in.

A company called Cryptock brought me in to Austin as part of the members appreciation event. This is an NFT company who had clients joining from around the world. The event took place at a very cool spot called Higher Ground. It was an intimate space and I performed a stage show for a small group of 70 guests. The show was a massive hit and afterwards, I had the opportunity to set up a private area where guests would come in small groups around a table and watch a private close-up sleight of hand magic show. It really was a memorable night and great experience performing in Austin Texas.

I’m looking forward to returning to Austin this summer as part of the Frito-Lay Annual Meeting for all of the Marketers from the Pepsi team. I will be speaking about how magicians have to think outside of the box and how it relates to marketing & advertising. Over the years, many corporations have asked me to speak about my experiences as a magician and how it relates to the business world. I have another “Top Secret” presentation that I have been preparing for discussing how not everything is what it seems. Sounds perfect for a magician!

I certainly have a few spots that I intend to revisit upon my return in Austin and look forward to a busy summer of shows!