Winner of The Traitors Canada

That’s a wrap! The game of a lifetime has come to an end with Magician & Mentalist Mike D’Urzo being crowned the winner of The Traitors Canada! A reality series which has taken the world by storm about manipulation, deception and misdirection. The show comprising of winners of other reality TV shows including Survivor, The Amazing Race & Big Brother had a viewership of over 1.2 million fans weekly on CTV. The show was hosted by actress Karine Vanasse.

From the first day, Mike was chosen as a Traitor in the castle to eliminate and banish the Faithful. After weeks of intense emotional, mental & physical challenges, Mike was the sole winner of the show earning him $94,500. His experience of working with people on stage and creating social bonds allowed him to maneuver his way throughout the game. Being a magician allowed him to stay one step ahead and fool everybody in the castle, including the other Traitors. It’s a social strategy game in which Mike was creating the pieces of the puzzle without getting himself caught.

The show aired weekly on CTV and continues to play on CRAVE and Daily Motion in the States. Mike had the opportunity to share his experience on numerous talk shows, radio, podcasts and major news outlets around the world. He created history by being the first male Traitor in an English-speaking version to win.

Throughout the show, Mike had many people suspicious of him but he always managed to misdirect everyone in not voting him out. The most notable part of the game was at the final 3 where Mike was able to convince one of the players to turn on her best alliance from the start in a win or lose decision. With the odds stacked against him, he was able to create just enough suspicion on the other player to plant a seed of doubt and win the game. Winning The Traitors Canada was Mike’s greatest trick of all.

The hardest part of the game was staying under the radar and having to turn on the other Traitors. It’s a game of timing which has to be carefully executed. Mike led the charge against 3 other Traitors having them all voted out prior to the final episode. He recruited a player to become a Traitor who was later banished on the same day. There are twists and turns so keeping track of everything that has happened was imperative to creating the narrative for the game.

The challenges on each episode became more and more challenging from blowing up a quarry with dynamite, pushing heavy barrels up steep hills, being buried alive and swimming across a large lake to hook the prize money chest onto a flying helicopter. It was definitely outside of Mike’s comfort zone appearing on such a show but it was truly an amazing experience.

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