Magic happen Miami Styles

Recently I had the chance to travel down to the sunshine state to perform magic at a couple of very exclusive events. I always enjoyed traveling to Florida as a kid but having the opportunity to perform in the hot sunshine while escaping the winter was awesome. I was hired to perform a Grand Illusion Magic Show in Miami Beach at a private New Year’s Eve party. This was one of the most epic events that I have ever attended. I decided to drive down to Florida as I had some of our larger illusions which had to be transported. This was an event at Enrique Iglesias former home which was right on the waterfront.

Everything at the event was incredible. There were about 40 guests and everything from the food to entertainment was out of this world. About 10 private chefs, open bar, and a 10 piece band playing around the pool. Event entertainers in Miami are top of the line. I had the chance to perform some close-up magic for the guests which was followed by our grand illusion inside the living area of the house. Usually, our larger shows are intended for larger banquets and theatres but this intimate setting worked perfectly for the show. There was a mixture of kids and adults and the family was so great to work with. At midnight, there was an incredible fireworks display which lasted for over 20 minutes. I perform regularly at a Fireworks Festival in Ontario and have to say that this display was magical overlooking the Miami coastline.
After a successful show, my assistant and I had a week between our next magic show in Miami. So we decided to take a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. This was my second cruise and it was nice to spend some time at Sea. There was one private island where I have never seen the sea water so clear. On board, we had the chance to watch another magician from India perform his show. So nice to see other magicians when on the road (or sea). I’ve always found it fascinating to watch magicians from other continents as it’s usually a completely different style of magic.

When we arrive back in Miami, it was time for the 2nd show which was for a corporate event for an international hotel chain. It was also a private event at the owner’s home and it was so much fun. A local Miami event planner made sure that everything looked and ran smoothly throughout the night. I performed a short 20-minute show at a cocktail style party. Everyone was standing around watching the performance. Usually, I like proper seating as if you were to watch a movie in a theatre setting but this was so great as everyone was literally in the show. I performed my signature Flying Table illusion around the pool area which made it even more impossible. By the end of my act, I noticed that everything was soaking wet? The humidity in Miami is insane and although it didn’t rain, it sure felt like it did.

In the world of event entertainment, Miami is a hot spot for hosting world class events. I think the a huge benefit is that the weather is warm year round and many events can be hosted outdoors. The drive back to Toronto from Miami was depressing. As soon as we left the Florida, the sunshine disappeared and the weather got colder every hour on the road. Until next time, I look forward to my return!