Las Vegas Magic Show

One of the most magical cities has to be Las Vegas! The city that never sleeps and has the best entertainment on the planet. There is literally a magic show in every hotel. Growing up, one of my dreams was to have my own show in Las Vegas. My Father took me on several trips during high school to Las Vegas. Although he wanted to explore the city, drive to the Grand Canyon, and visit all the sites Nevada had to offer, I was on a mission to see every magic show possible. It started with the World’s Greatest Magic show. I remember being awe struck seeing so many magicians in the show that I have seen on television.

There was also a place called the Caesar’s Magical Empire. Similar to the Magic Castle in Hollywood where you would visit different rooms and see different types of magicians and shows in the empire. Was such a cool concept and incredibly talented magicians. One of the shows which I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to see was Siegfried & Roy. Hands down the best magic show that I have ever seen. It was a spectacle with lions, tigers, elephants and every type of grand illusion you could imagine. It really was a show that I will never forget. I had the chance to meet both of them during their movie premiere in Toronto which was super cool. Lastly, I got to see the fabulous duo Penn & Teller who are truly masters of the craft. After the show, they came out and signed autographs for everyone. Was super cool to meet both of them and get some words of encouragement as a young magician. Seemed like a dream to be in one of the Vegas show rooms.

Dreams do come true and over my career I worked very hard to take my magic to different places including Las Vegas. I was hired to perform at multiple events in Vegas. My first show was off the strip at the JW Marriott for an awards gala. It was a national sales conference for California Pools where people flew in from across the country. I remember being flown in to do a 15-set on stage and some close up magic during the cocktail hour. Was such a fun event.

After this, I started receiving several requests for major conferences and conventions in Vegas including the SEMA show- one of the largest car shows the world at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I was brought in by the Truck Accessories Group to perform close up magic at their VIP reception during the trade show. However, I always wanted to perform my stage show at one of the big hotels on the strip. That dream came true on my birthday when I had the opportunity to perform at Caesars Palace for a group of over 500 dentists and orthodontists at the HIOSSEN World Meeting. I was the headline magician for this prestigious corporate event. The show was absolutely incredible and it was so nice to perform at one of my favourite hotels on the strip.

We had a couple of friends from Germany that we met in Cuba on vacation who came out to Vegas to celebrate my show and birthday. So nice to see support from people who came from all the way from Germany to hang out for a couple of nights. I had another show that week at the MGM Grand a few days later. It was for a massive afterparty for the NEOGOV national conference. Here is the thing, I had another event in Toronto before so I had to fly back to Toronto to do my show the next day and then fly back a following day back to Vegas. I guess that’s show business. I’m happy to say that I have never missed an event in the years that I have working as a professional magician.

I had another very cool experience with show that I performed at the Paris Hotel. It was for a convention with called IAFE- The International Association of Fairs & Exhibitions. There were performers from all over the world at this event. I was one of the showcase acts on stage and had the privilege of showing off my magic for this wonderful industry. To my surprise, as I was standing at my booth, Penn (From Penn & Teller) came by to say hello to me. WOW!! He was with another legend of magic named Johnny Thompson. This had the one of the best surprises of my career. So nice to personally get to chat with these 2 legends and idols.