The Most Spectacular Event

Over the years, I have attended some very exclusive and high-end events. However, I was flown into Orlando Florida to perform at the Hampton Huddle. An event for all of the managers from across North America for the Hampton Inns. This event was held at the Hilton Orlando and I was hired by an experiential marketing company called Agency EA based out of Chicago. They designed the most incredible experience for the attendees. I was hired to perform for the top executives of the Hilton Worldwide Brand in a hospitality suite. It was such an intimate show for about 20 guests. I love intimate shows because everyone feels like they are part of the performance. I blew their minds and had them going nuts.

The following day, was the event for the entire group of over 2000 guests. They set up 4 stages with food stations and activities throughout the entire hotel. One of the feature shows was Andy Grammer- country music singer who was a big hit. It was an outdoor event under the stars on a beautiful night. Really was memorable meeting guests from all over North America. I’m not sure how much coordination this event took but their was an event team with probably around 50 people making sure that everything was running smoothly. Definitely would have taken a year to plan such an extravaganza! I met another close up magician their which was also so nice. I’ve always like performing with other magicians at events. I find each magician has their own unique style and personality which adds variety to events.

Florida is one of those states where there are lots of opportunities for performances. On another occasion, I had the chance to perform magic in Miami at the Winter Music Conference. This was one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the world. Miami has such a party vibe and people love being entertained. I have always had a passion for music and have incorporated many great unique tracks into my shows. I’m all about making my shows theatrical and music can really take a show to a new level. During my time there, I got to perform some magic for some well known artists and DJ’s including Bob Sinclar and Above & Beyond- 2 of my favourite musicians of all time.

Another fun spot to perform was in the Florida Keys. The Key West strip is one of the most happening spots for entertainment. It’s a street filled with bars and venues which host live shows and entertainment. It really was charming and nice to see so much life on one street. Probably my favourite spot in all of Florida. The drive from Miami to Key West is also very scenic and beautiful.

Fort Lauderdale and Tampa Bay is another spot where corporate entertainers have many opportunities for performing at trade show, conventions and conferences. Many companies hire magicians in Tampa Bay to help promote their products and attract visitors to their booths. It’s a unique way to create a customized pitch to help sell a product or service by incorporating magic into the presentation. It’s very popular in Florida for some corporate magicians to just work at trade shows. We have teamed up with some great corporate event magicians and mentalists in Florida to perform at various events. Our talent rosters now hosts over 80 award winning artists from across Canada, the United States and Europe. More about this in another post but be sure to check out for our roster.