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When hosting an event, there are many different things to consider when hiring party entertainment in Toronto. Are you hosting an event with a sit-down dinner or a cocktail style party? Will there be time for the guests to enjoy a show or will a strolling performer work better? Party magicians work well with all sorts of events because the performances can be very versatile. Some magicians can perform close up strolling magic during a cocktail party. If there are other activities happening throughout the event, having walk around entertainment would be ideal. Other times, such as at dinner events, banquets, galas and fundraisers, the guests are typically seated at tables. This would be a great time to offer a magic show for the entire group as part of the party entertainment. Mentalists and Illusionists can also perform similar types of acts depending on the format of the party.

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    Party Entertainment Magic Shows

    Magic shows have become one of the most requested types of entertainment for parties in Toronto. Magicians can interact with guests and mess with peoples minds in a fun and exciting way. One of the greatest experiences as magicians is getting to see people’s reactions. The joy, astonishment and mystery that magic can bring is truly rewarding. We had the chance to perform for people who have never seen magic before on a show tour in China. Many of them didn’t even know what magic was. It was amazing to see how magic shows were appreciated by everyone regardless of their cultural background and not being able to understand any English. Magic is truly a universal language which is why it works so well for people hiring party entertainment in Toronto being such a multicultural city. There is a great following for magicians as people are fascinated by the art form.

    Magician for Toronto Entertainment

    Mega Magic was created in 2004 by award winning magician Mike D’Urzo. He founded the company to provide some of the best Toronto party entertainment and acts for all types of events. Mike has worked at thousands of different events since he became a professional magician and has toned his skills in both close up and stage magic. One thing that sets Mike apart from other magicians in Toronto is that he is a show man and can get an audience of thousands sitting in suspense and on the edge of their seats. He has performed for millions of people around the world and has received many awards for his magic. He was recognized as one the best magicians in Toronto by Blog TO and was voted the season champion on the hit show, Keys to the VIP. Mega Magic is the go-to agency for anyone looking for party entertainment in Toronto and nationwide.