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Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, many people have been working from home. Companies have been trying to find unique and fun ideas to keep their employees entertained and motivated during the time. Many people have been hiring Vancouver magicians to provide a virtual magic show. This is something very new to people but has been growing significantly in popularity. Imagine being a part of the magic show from the comfort of your own home or office? Magicians in Vancouver are able to keep the magic show interactive with platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It’s a new form of corporate entertainment and many planners have turned to online virtual performances to bring joy during this time. This experience should be seen by anyone wanting to be mind blown in a fun and interactive way. The show is suitable for all ages and combines both mentalism, magic and technology.

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    Virtual Magician Vancouver

    One of the best virtual magicians in Vancouver is Mega Magic’s Mike D’Urzo. He created a virtual show and has performed for corporate audiences around the world over Zoom. Just to name a few, Mike has performed his virtual magic for companies including Manulife, Sun Life Financial, Interac, MistyWest Vancouver and the Cowichan District Medical Society. He has a proven record of excellent shows and can make your next team building meeting unforgettable. Creating a magic show which could be performed online was a challenge. How could you use a volunteer without having them physically present? After a year of development and hundreds of virtual shows later, a new path was created in the way magic shows could be offered. Be sure to check out the Virtual page of this website for more info and videos about our online entertainment.

    Corporate Magic Show with Magicians in Vancouver

    Mega Magic hosts a variety of magic shows all across Canada. Mike D’Urzo, the founder and creative director of the company performs live shows for corporate events. He is a top Vancouver Magician with many unique illusions and effects. Flying Tables, money appearing in impossible locations, interactive mentalism and mind reading are just a few things to expect from the show. It’s a variety show with both visual and interactive components. Mike works with the best magicians in Vancouver to ensure the show has a Vegas style production. Whether it be for a small intimate gathering to a full stadium, we have a magic show in Vancouver to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on providing top of the line, high end magic shows that deliver the wow factor. Be sure to browse our site for more info about our various shows and upcoming events.