Magician to Hire in Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale is a wonderful place to visit. There are plenty of activities and attractions to visit including museums, national parks, hiking trails, theaters and concerts. Performing arts and entertainment makes the city very vibrant. Magicians in Scottsdale are regularly hired to perform at events. Some magicians perform at various music festivals throughout the summer. Mike D’Urzo is a well-known magician who performs at many festivals including the opening act for many bands and musicians at various concerts. He has a high-level production magic show which is enjoyed by people from all over Arizona. When developing his show, he consulted with magicians in Scottsdale to help create unique illusions. One of his famous illusions is the Triple Switch- a twist on the world-famous Metamorphosis. In this trick, Mike disappears from the stage and re-appears in an impossible location. It’s quite exciting to watch and took years to master.

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    Creative Magician Scottsdale

    Being creative is the key to having a successful touring magic show. People have seen many magicians and tend to get bored of watching the same illusions. There are only so many times where you can see a magician making something disappear or making a rabbit appear from a hat. Mike incorporates magic that has never been seen before and his act is very original. He works with a team of Arizona magicians for corporate events and galas. He is one of the most creative and original corporate entertainers and has been in demand by many of the top tech, financial and automotive companies across North America. Some magicians have appeared at the Scottsdale Centre for the Performing Arts. Mike tours many theaters and arts centers with his Mega Magic show. It’s been receiving raving reviews from audiences around the world. He is a first-class act who would be perfect if you’re looking for a corporate entertainment magician in Scottsdale.

    Best Daring Scottsdale Magician

    In showbiz, you need to stand out from the rest. It’s important to be unique and dare to be different from other shows. Mike’s success has taken him all over the world on international tours and performing on television. Many TV networks air Mike’s magic and illusions on their shows. He was the official magician on Disney’s hit show, Made Up. This was a hidden camera show which showcased a grand scale illusion going wrong. It was a stunt where Mike was hanging over a water tank and then an unsuspecting person messes up causing the tank to collapse and destroy the illusion. It’s important to think outside of the box- especially as a magician. Scottsdale has magicians who can be a lot of fun at your next event. Mike’s schedule fills up well in advance so be sure to contact our team for more info.