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Saskatchewan Canada is a fabulous place for arts and entertainment. Artists from all over the country visit Regina & Saskatoon at their many festivals and events. The City of Regina hosts many different events throughout the year. Magicians in Saskatoon have always been a fun part of any event. People always enjoy being amazed and baffled when seeing a magic trick. Watching a magic show on TV or YouTube is never the same as seeing it live. People are more skeptical seeing something on a screen as they feel it could be a camera trick. Even though this is not usually the case, seeing a Saskatoon magician perform in front of a live audience is amazing. Magicians such as Criss Angel, David Blaine and Justin Willman have made magic super popular. There are many major talk show hosts who bring on magicians as guests. With more great magic being seen, it has made magicians a popular choice at events.

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    Exclusive Magician in Saskatoon

    One of the great things about watching a live magic show is that you can be a part of the performance. Many magic shows are interactive with help from the audience. Magicians can be seen at festivals, fairs, corporate events, theatres and exhibitions. The Saskatoon EX often hire magicians from Saskatoon to perform on stage. Many great Canadian magicians have had the opportunity to perform at this amazing festival over the years. In addition to magicians, they also bring in fantastic corporate entertainers such as hypnotists, mentalists and illusionists. Mike D’Urzo has been a professional magician for over 20 years and has performed thousands of shows. He loves performing at major events and was the headline act at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto on the variety stage. He has also toured his show at other major exhibitions across Canada including the New Brunswick EX and Royal Manitoba Winter Fair.

    Corporate Event Magic Show Saskatoon

    Mike D’Urzo is a delightful corporate event magician to watch in action. He is a fantastic choice if you want to hire the best Saskatoon magician who will deliver the wow factor. His career has taken him around the globe to countries including China, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Canada and the United States. He performs at many resorts for family audiences of all ages in addition to his corporate events. The performance is intended to put a spin on traditional magic shows in a modern way. Mike’s agency, Mega Magic also works with other magicians from Regina & Saskatoon. His roster includes over 80 exceptional corporate entertainment acts. Mega Magic was recognized by Festival & Events Ontario as the Entertainment Agency of the Year. In addition to corporate events, we have magic shows suitable for all group sizes. We even offer virtual magic shows over Zoom.