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Salt Lake City Utah is an impressive city that hosts countless corporate events every year. Many guests attending conferences or events are looking for entertainment to act as an ice breaker or feature show. Magicians in Salt Lake City are a perfect choice when planning corporate entertainment. A magic show is a nice way to create an experience for the guests in a fun and interactive way. Why should you hire a Salt Lake City Magician? First, they can perform during a networking or cocktail style reception. The magician would walk around to small groups and interact while performing close up magic and mentalism. Secondly, some magicians in Salt Lake City can perform stage shows for large groups of people at a time. Being able to captivate a room filled with guests like in a theater or auditorium. Thirdly, a magic show has mass appeal and can translate well for a diverse group of people.

Magician Salt Lake City

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Unique style of magic and a modernized approach.

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International award-winning magician & mentalist.

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    Salt Lake City Magician for Corporate Events

    When hiring a corporate entertainer, find a performer who can appeal to everyone. Mike D’Urzo, a Salt Lake City Magician specializes in corporate entertainment for all different types of events. He performs interactive magic & mentalism shows for conferences, weddings, theme parks and television networks. Mike even performs for high school, college and university students. Mike had the opportunity to perform at the Boondocks for the Olympus High School graduating class. Mike’s show was a huge success for over 400 students giving him a standing ovation. Mike tours across the United States with his magic show but Salt Lake City has always been one of his favorite places. When looking for the top Salt Lake City magicians, make sure to contact Mega Magic to see how we can make your event an incredible experience. Mike knows how to work a crowd and has over 20 years of experience.

    Award Winning Magician in Salt Lake City

    Mike has an extensive list of national and international awards for his magic show. He has appeared on many different TV shows including Keys to the VIP, Made UP, Zoink’d, Come Dine with Me and The Magician. His performances have taken him to different parts of the world as magic can be seen as the universal language. When considering a magician from Salt Lake City, be sure that they can deliver an outstanding performance. The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t add any value to your event. Be sure that magician is someone who will appeal to your audience and create a lasting impression. Salt Lake City Magicians are a great choice for entertainment but planners must determine if the magic show is suitable for their audience. You wouldn’t want to hire a kids birthday party magician for a corporate event. Magic shows are fun, engaging and make for great conversation about how the magician did the tricks. Be sure to contact us when looking for a corporate Salt Lake City Magician.