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There is no place more beautiful than Phoenix Arizona. The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. It’s an attraction that brings thousands of tourists every year from around the continent. Many hotels, venues and resorts bring in performers such as magicians in Phoenix to entertain the guests. Magicians have been a hot form of entertainment for guests of all ages. You may also catch a magic show in Phoenix at a state fair or festival. Many performers tour from one festival to the next over the summer. You may attend a company work event to find a mentalist walking around the crowd. There are some amazing magicians from Phoenix who put on a great performance. From levitating objects, making things disappear and reappear in impossible locations or even being able to read someone’s mind, having the right magician in Phoenix can create an incredible experience for your guests.

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    Close Up Magician in Phoenix

    Close Up Magic is a real treat for anyone watching. Close up magic can be performed for people one on one or in small groups. It’s sleight of hand magic which is performed up close and personal. David Blaine made close up magic popular when he started performing on the streets of New York. This type of magic requires great skill and the ability to interact with an audience. Many Phoenix magicians have to practice for years before they feel comfortable performing in a live setting. Many corporate events hire magicians in Phoenix to perform Strolling Magic. It’s popular as during a cocktail hour or after dinner during the dessert. People love having entertainment at the table and it’s a perfect ice breaker for any type of event. Through spectator involvement for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, or promotions, a good close-up magician will leave a lasting impression.

    Phoenix Magician After Dinner Entertainment

    One of the leading Phoenix magicians is from Mega Magic. Mike D’Urzo can turn your typical event into a “Wow! That was Unbelievable” occasion. His show features incredible mind reading, moving objects with the mind and hilarious audience participation. His Mind Kontrol show is critically acclaimed and perfect for a corporate event. You will know that you made the right decision to include Mike as part of your event when you hear the laughter and gasps of amazement. Mike enjoys working with other Phoenix Magicians- he recently produced a show called Dueling Magicians which showcases 2 different styles of magic. The show received countless standing ovations and is unique production for a theater or corporate function. When deciding which magician to hire in Phoenix, give Mega Magic a call to discuss some options for your event. We guarantee that we can make your event shine!