Magician Ontario Receives Standing Ovation

Ontario is home to some incredible variety entertainers. Magic shows are always fun to watch for audiences across the province. Magician Mike D’Urzo is the 8-time Performer of the Year by Festivals and Event Ontario. He is the top magician in Ontario for corporate events and company parties. Mike is based in Toronto but has performed in every major city in Ontario including Ottawa, Windsor, Niagara Falls and Thunder Bay. Mike is a corporate entertainer who will bring your audience to their feet. He received a standing ovation when he performed at Casino Rama for over 2500 guests. This was a milestone in Mike’s career as many of his idols performed on that stage before. There was a crew of over 20 techs and backstage hands to help run the show. It was absolutely amazing how much effort went into making it a perfect show. The lighting, video cues, transitions and production were like watching a Vegas style show.

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    Ontario Magician Wins Awards

    In addition to being recognized provincially, Mike was also named the Canadian Entertainer of the Year by the Canadian Event Industry Awards. He was one of very few magicians to ever win this prestigious award. Mike runs the agency Mega Magic which represents some of the best magicians in Ontario. With a roster of over 80 guests, he has created one of the top corporate entertainment companies in Canada. When Mike started performing, he learned different technique of making objects float. One of the staple routines in Mike’s show is making a table float. He even brings up a volunteer to hold and look under the table while it’s suspended in the air. He also has a custom illusion where he can make a large box fly with his assistant inside of it. This was featured on OMNI news during one of his shows at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto.

    Remarkable Magician from Ontario for Parties

    Some of the best moments are the ones which involve the audience. Every magic show should have a bit of audience interaction to keep things engaging. Mike started as a kid’s party magician in Ontario when he was getting started. He worked at the Toronto Zoo performing magic for kids and families coming through the doors. Later that summer, he was selling magic tricks at Centre Island. This gave him a glimpse into the world of show business and is how he got his start. Mike has many mentors in the industry who helped him along the way. Ontario magicians belong to an organization called the Canadian Association of Magicians. They host annual conventions and conferences where magicians gather and share ideas. It’s a great way to keep magic current and modern for a tech savvy generation. If you’re looking for the best magic show in Ontario, we would love to chat.