Incredible New Orleans Magicians

New Orleans is one of the most exciting cities in the US. With numerous festivals, events and Mardi Gras, people visit from all over the country. There is lots of nightlife and people hosting events at different venues in the city. Some of the best magic shows tour through this city. New Orleans magicians are in very high demand and a popular choice for corporate entertainment. During Mardi Gras, many companies, venues and hotels host their own parties. Mike D’Urzo, a popular choice for a magician in New Orleans will make you not want to blink. His masterful sleight of hand combined with his amazing showmanship is sure to make your audience love magic & illusions. Mike began his career in the performing arts at an early age. He loved being in front of an audience and after graduating with an honors in Communications, created Mega Magic- a corporate event agency which provides world class entertainment for events.

Magician New Orleans

The Wow Factor

Unique style of magic and a modernized approach.

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International award-winning magician & mentalist.

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Personalized shows to best meet the needs of your event.

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    Comedy Magician New Orleans

    Everyone loves to have comedy as a part of any type show. Whether it’s a stand-up comedian, TV show or movie, everyone enjoys comedy. Mike is a professional who incorporates a lot of situational comedy into his presentations. The audience plays a big part of the show and adds to the humor. One of the best parts of being a New Orleans magician is being able to make people laugh and take them out of reality for a short period of time. Mike has a powerful show filled with lots of routines that will keep you wondering for days to come. Growing up, Mike would regularly visit Las Vegas to watch all of the different magic shows. All of his idols in magic were performing in the same city. Mike loves to bring his Vegas style entertainment to audiences all over the United States. He has performed in Boston, New York, Florida, Las Vegas and Chicago just to name a few.

    New Orleans Party Magician for Hire

    Mike is certainly a great choice if you’re looking for an A + show. He performs at corporate events, weddings, festivals, colleges and universities. Audiences of all ages can enjoy his performances as everything is family friendly. If you want to hire a magician in New Orleans, get in touch with us to discuss our different show options. We have had so many different types of requests for shows that anything is possible. No event is too small or big as we can customize the program. Mike even creates products for people to learn magic. He has been teaching magic as part of team building workshops. He loves being creative and working on new routines to add into his performances. Mike is a top performer on Gig Salad, Gig Masters and Entertainers Worldwide.