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Indianapolis Indiana is considered the Racing Capital of the World. With the Indy 500 Indianapolis Motor Speedway, people come visit from everywhere. The city is a fun spot for tourists and there is never a dull moment. Magicians in Indianapolis have been the life of the city at many different venues and attractions. There are magic shows which are being held at various hotels for the guests and part of private corporate events. It’s an enjoyable activity that will have you scratching your head wondering how on earth is this even possible?! Watching a great corporate entertainer is always a hit at a conference or convention. Indianapolis magicians can create a positive energy to motivate and entertain your guests between meetings and lectures. Some magicians may even offer team building workshops where guests can learn some incredible magic tricks. It’s a great way for guests to participate and learn something unique and exciting, to show off to their family and friends.

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    Magician for Events Indianapolis

    Some of the best magicians will perform in Indianapolis. It’s a city which is home to many of the finest entertainers and performers. Mike D’Urzo is a mind reading magician and corporate entertainer. Not only does he perform but he creates some original magic in his show. Some illusions can take years to develop and create. Especially some of the larger illusions which require technology and engineering. The great thing about watching a magic show is being fooled but more importantly being entertained. If the show has a variety of elements including comedy, magic, mentalism, audience participation and illusions, it can be a joy to watch. Not all magicians in Indianapolis are the same. Two magicians may perform the same illusion with very different outcomes. It’s all in the presentation which is what sets Mike apart from the rest. His show is a pleasure to watch and will have your guests sitting on the edge of their seats.

    Illusionist or Magician Indianapolis

    There are many similarities between magicians and illusionists. They both create shows designed to fool the audience. Mike offers both interactive magic and grand illusion shows. Depending on the type of event, having a combination of both makes for a great show. People like the visual aspects of illusions such as making something disappear or an object float. On the other hand, people also like seeing interactive routines with everyday objects. Mike performs the famous bill to lemon routine with a twist. He makes it into a fun game show where the audience can win different prizes with a surprise ending. It’s one of the most famous tricks in magic and performed by several magicians from Indianapolis. Mike puts a twist by predicting the serial number of the signed bill that the spectator brings up. It’s fun for all ages and will make your event a huge success.