Incredible Magicians in Hartford Connecticut

Hartford is a city with lots of things to do including visiting the Connecticut State Capitol, the Science Centre, Gillette Castle State Park, theme parks, hotels and attractions. Many corporate events are held in Hartford annually with people visiting from Canada and the US. Magicians from Hartford have been keeping busy with shows at many of these corporate events. Convention and Trade Shows have been a popular spot for magicians and corporate entertainers. Mike D’Urzo is a class act magician who is well known across North America. He is a top choice for many corporations looking for a magic show that will blow your mind. Mike sparked an interest in magic at an early age going to watch magic shows around the city. Every year, he would watch a touring magic show come through the city with some amazing Hartford magicians and acts from across the US. It is what inspired him to become a magician.

Magician Hartford

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Unique style of magic and a modernized approach.

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International award-winning magician & mentalist.

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    Hartford Magician for Seminars

    Mike specializes in producing the finest corporate entertainment. He is very creative and knows how to produce fun team building events. Many companies will hire magicians in Hartford to increase the motivation and add some excitement in the office. Mike has offered workshop programs where he personally teaches magic. He supplies everything required for the seminar and the guests walk out with a feeling of astonishment and self-confidence. He also sells many magic tricks and DVD’s which can be a part of the program. In addition to the workshops, Mike also performs his Mega Magic show which is a high-quality production. He performed this show at the Mohegan Sun Casino and received a standing ovation. It was part of a sales conference for Colliers International. Mike was also had the chance to perform some close-up magic around the tables prior to the show which got everyone excited for the feature show.

    Cool Magician for events in Hartford

    Let’s face it- many magic shows have been viewed as cheesy and for kids over the years. Mike has changed that stigma and creates some of the most advanced illusions and effects for the show. Technology has advanced magic and made Hartford magicians think outside of the box. Mike has created a very modern and cool show which can be appreciated by everyone. His show suits his style of performing perfectly. He is a modern-day magician and will have the audience loving every moment of the show. One of his favorite routines is where he is able to guess the name of a celebrity that someone just thinks of. It’s so powerful to watch and shocking for the volunteer. Everyone who participates in the show is selected at complete random so each performance is unique and different. Contact us to see why Mike is the best corporate magician for hire in Hartford.