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Columbus Ohio is home to a major conference for magicians from around the world. Every year illusionists, mentalists and magicians in Columbus come together to share the art of magic. There are tons of live magic shows, lectures, workshops and a dealer room where magicians can learn and buy new effects. It’s quite the impressive convention and lots of fun to attend. MagiFest is actually one of the largest conventions for magicians in the world. Mike D’Urzo is the owner of Mega Magic- a corporate entertainment agency representing magicians from Columbus Ohio. This was one of the first magic conventions that he attended and it was an incredible experience. He got to work behind the scenes with the production crew helping to make sure that the shows ran smoothly. On the final evening, the magicians put on a show at the performing arts center which was a big production and open to the public.

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    Mike D’Urzo has been performing for audiences for over 20 years. He has appeared at many corporate events and conventions throughout the years. He is a corporate entertainer and is a rising star on the international stage. From being named the Entertainer of the Year to appearing on major TV networks across the US, he has found his calling. Mike never knew that he was going to make magic his full-time professional career. Everything just fell into place after graduating from Communications in University. Mike has worked and shared ideas with many Columbus Magicians while in Ohio. He feels that sharing this art amongst other professionals helps make the industry better. There were many shows exposing magic on TV but this has not affected the demand for people wanting to see magic shows. If anything, it has helped build the popularity of magic and kept magicians pushing forward.

    Corporate Entertainer Magic Show Columbus

    If you want a very high-quality production which has been witnessed by audiences all over the world, Mike is your magician. He works and consults for the top companies in both Canada and the US. He has created specialized tricks and shows to cater to various types of companies. For example, he was recently performing magic at a dental convention where he incorporated the importance of brushing and flossing into the presentation in a very unique way. If you want to hire a magician in Columbus, Mike is a top choice for corporate events. He has even performed for celebrities. While he was working for Sony Pictures, he had the opportunity to perform for Robin Williams which was a highlight of his career. This was while they were shooting promo for the movie RV. Mike has a great show and is very easy to work with. This is why he is a top choice by event planners from across Ohio and surrounding States.