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Buffalo in New York state is a fun city to watch magic shows. There are many magicians who perform at concert halls, performing arts centers and stadiums for major sporting events. The Illusionists, a world-wide touring show including some top Buffalo magicians plays at the Shea’s Performing Arts Center and sells out regularly. This is a full production show with lots of great material to watch. Each magician has a completely different style of performing which makes it a great variety show. Other superstar magicians including David Copperfield and Criss Angel have also performed in Buffalo. It’s a hot spot for these types of shows for people looking for sophisticated entertainment. It’s lots of fun to try and figure out how many of the illusions are possible. Criss Angel helped change the look of magic and created a very unique personality away from the traditional type of magician who would be producing a rabbit or dove.

Magician Buffalo

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    Buffalo Magician for Private Events

    Mike D’Urzo is an international award-winning magician and entertainer. He is one of the top and most in-demand magicians in Buffalo. From performing at universities and colleges to luxurious corporate events, he is a house hold name in the world of corporate entertainment. Mike had the opportunity to perform at the Buffalo Club for a private client appreciation gala for financial advisors. He got to perform sleight of mind magic with the guests when he was reading their thoughts during the cocktail reception. Followed by the dinner and conference, he performed his magic show for the group. It was extremely well received as with the hundreds of other corporate events that he performs at annually. Mike knows how to adapt his act whether it’s a small intimate audience or a large group. He is a very versatile magician in Buffalo and can work with any space or venue.

    The Future of Magicians in Buffalo

    The Covid 19 pandemic put a stop to live events for over a year. With that, we saw a new form of entertainment being requested. Virtual magic shows were becoming more popular than Netflix. Companies were hiring magicians in Buffalo to perform for their employees and clients over Zoom. It was an interesting year for magicians having to pivot their show to work well through a computer monitor while keeping it interactive. Virtual shows are here to stay but live events are coming back in full force. People missed being able to attend live events and shows and now magic shows will be one of the most popular forms of corporate entertainment. Whether you want a magician, illusionist or mentalist, Mike will bring an A+ show to your event. Take a look through this website to see why we are rated the number one agency for corporate event entertainment.