Spectacular Baltimore Magician

Baltimore made the top 50 list for best corporate meeting destinations across the US. It’s a very vibrant city with lots of shows, concerts and events. Many planners are always looking to hire corporate event entertainment. Having a great corporate entertainer can always make a convention or trade show fun and memorable. Mike D’Urzo is a spectacular magician in Baltimore who is hired by the largest corporations to perform at their events. From performing for presidents, CEO’s and executives, Mike has a VIP magic show which is sure to be a hit. He was the feature magician at many Edward Jones regional and national conferences. Performing for all of the financial advisors, clients and managers, he has been working with them for years. He also performs for many other financial institutions including Capital One, KPMG and TD Bank. Mike has performed his corporate magic show for many different Chambers of Commerce and Board of Trades.

Magician Baltimore

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Unique style of magic and a modernized approach.

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International award-winning magician & mentalist.

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    Exciting Magic Show Baltimore

    Mike will definitely deliver the excitement and wow factor at your event. He receives hundreds of standing ovations annually and performs at many events looking for corporate event entertainment. Mike was honored to share his magic at the McDonald’s holiday gala. This was a retreat for restaurant managers across the country. He performed sleight of hand magic as the guests were mingling and then provided the headline show after the dinner was complete. It was such a hit that they have become repeat clients for years. Mike also works with other corporate entertainers and Baltimore magicians which he has on his roster. Mega Magic (Mike’s agency) has over 85 acts and shows which are unique corporate entertainment ideas. Magic shows are always a great choice as they provide mystery, comedy and interaction as part of the performance. If you want an exciting magic show in Baltimore where you won’t want to blink, Mike is the perfect choice.

    Amazing Corporate Magician in Baltimore

    Whether it’s a conference, convention or trade show, we have you covered when it comes to entertainment. Mike was part of the Ferrero gala which was a themed evening of magic. It was a spectacular event which had Mike as the headline entertainer incorporating their chocolate into the show. Baltimore magicians have looked up to Mike’s performing style and love the way he is able to interact and engage an audience. He has a natural flow to the show and makes his illusions very real. One part of his show is where he makes a table float- a very visual part his act. He also has some very funny moments where he predicts a drawing that a volunteer colors in while he is completely blindfolded. Every show is different and he even consults with other magicians from Baltimore to ensure that he is producing the best possible show experience.