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Albany New York Magicians have been in the spotlight for many years. There are lots of events where magicians can showcase their talents and skills. There are several conventions, conferences and clubs that host magic meetings where magicians can share and improve their repertoire. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of creating a magic show that the general public does not know about. There is a complete industry behind creating illusions and developing tricks that you see magicians in Albany performing at corporate events, birthday parties or even on television networks. It’s quite fascinating everything that goes into developing magic so that an audience can enjoy the art. Mike D’Urzo is a magician and performer who consults for many different companies and creates customized magic for their brand. Many of these routines are featured at trade shows and client appreciation banquets. Mike is a corporate entertainer who loves to create and consult with some of the top companies.

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    Superstar Albany Event Magician

    If you’re on the search for a magic show in Albany that will have your guests going wild, Mike D’Urzo is available for hire. He has appeared as the official magician for the top law, medical, pharmaceutical and tech companies around the world. He incorporates technology into his presentation and delivers high-end corporate entertainment. There are many great magicians who come through New York every year. The New York State Fair in Syracuse NY also hosts some amazing variety and magic shows. Many people visit the fair every year just to watch the amazing magic shows. When watching a magic show, there should be a high degree of sophistication. People should be wondering for days how anything was possible. This is what makes for a great show. Mike is a prominent Albany magician who is sure to create amazing memories for your guests.

    Mentalist VS Magician in Albany

    One of Mike’s productions was a show called Dueling Magicians. It featured 2 magicians going head-to-head performing a combination of magic and mentalism. Magic can be very visual and generally involves sleight of hand. The hand can trick the eye into seeing certain things. Magicians are great at misdirection and can divert your attention to look at one spot while doing something in another spot. Mentalists focus on reading minds and making predictions. Both of these forms of corporate entertainment are amazing to watch when performed by a master. Mike takes traditional magic and puts a modern spin on it. Anyone looking to hire a magician in Albany will be pleasantly surprises of how easy we are to work with. We take on over 200 shows a year around the country and have a full-time professional touring show. From major concert halls to intimate gatherings, we can provide the top entertainment for your next event.