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Mega Magic has a variety of magic tricks available for sale. We have created different instructional magic DVD’s and magic kits for anyone interested in learning magic tricks. Want to impress your friends & family? Want to be the star of a party? Magic is a great way to entertain and mystify people of all ages. Our magic tricks products are shipped from Toronto across Canada and the United States. Mike D’Urzo created several products which have made him successful as a professional magician. Many of these simple and easy to learn magic tricks were the reason why Mike started performing magic. If you want to learn some card tricks and magic with everyday objects from around the house, we have the perfect magic kits and DVD’s to teach some of Mike’s favourite effects. Our products are fun, simple and easy to learn. You will have the opportunity to become an amazing magician!

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    We have a variety of different tricks and effects which are bound to make you put the wow factor into any party! Our Trix to Go Magic Kit is a unique collection of 8 easy magic tricks products. It comes complete with a DVD with Mike showing each of the tricks and then teaching them in fun and exciting way. Everything is ready to go and can fit in your pocket. We also have an Easy to Learn Magic Tricks DVD which showcases some of Mike’s best card tricks and magic with items that you would have around the house. The DVD shares over 10 tricks and Mike will teach step by step how to perform each one. Some of the magic tricks are used during Mike’s award-winning show so it will definitely blow your audience away! Our magic tricks products are suitable for kids and adults of ages and will be fun to learn and perform.

    Magic Kits & Magic DVD’s

    For people interested in learning magic tricks, we have a great beginner card trick called the Svengali Deck. It’s a staple of Mike’s live shows and always gets the audience on the edge of their seats. This trick looks so amazing that everyone will be wondering “How did you do that!”? This is a magic trick product that was created to show all the cards being different and then magically turning into the same card. It comes with instructions for 10 different tricks but the possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out the videos of our magic tricks on the products page of this website. All of the magic tricks for sale are available exclusively from Mega Magic and ship directly from Toronto. This is a great way to learn magic tricks from the comfort of your own home.